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Yingli Town Litchi is in short supply

It is also the season of ripe lychee ripe. In the past few days, in the Yingli Town of Leizhou City
It is also the season of ripe lychee ripe. In the past few days, in the Yingli Town of Leizhou City, the red lychee is dotted with a lush orchard, which is spectacular. Under the lychee tree, it became a temporary lychee acquisition point, where busy figures can be seen everywhere, picking fruit, picking fruit, and loading fruit, and the crowds are moving, so that the harvest is busy.
For a long time, Yingli Town of Leizhou is famous for its pineapples, but few people know that Yingli Town is also rich in white sugar and lychee. This variety is not only big, but also crisp and sweet, and has the advantage of early results. In the peak season, this variety has already seized the market. What is the reason for this lychee in Yingli Town to be unknown?
White sugar popping up first in short supply
In many places, when the lychee is still in a semi-cyan red state, the lychee tree of Leizhou Yingli has been covered with ripe lychee. Yesterday, the reporter came to the Lizhi Garden of the Tugonglin team in Yingli Town, Leizhou. I saw a group of skilled lychee pickers, picked up the toes and took the red and full lychee leaves from the tree and threw them into the picking box. At the other end, the picked litchi is de-leafed and the litchi is sorted into a fresh-keeping box with ice cubes.
"We use the most original preservation method, no additive preservatives, but the litchi in this way can be kept fresh for a week or two, enough for it to be sold at home and abroad." Tu Gonglin team deputy secretary Tan Dehua told us that the Tugonglin team is Yingli. One of the largest litchi production areas in the town, the lychee forest is more than 1,000 acres, and the variety of white sugar is the most famous. "This kind of lychee is named after the crispy flesh and sweet taste. Some people call it bee syrup and Chinese red." Tan Dehua told reporters that thanks to the abundant hydrothermal conditions in Yingli Town, the white sugar lychee basically blooms during the winter solstice. Fruits can be harvested in mid-May and will be listed first.
Due to the early maturity of the white sugar in Yingli Town, it was pointed out by the fruit farmers all over the country. In recent years, the local litchi is in short supply. "Usually the fruit is still half-green and hung on the tree, it was booked in advance, and our fruit farmers are reluctant to eat." Tan Dehua said that the average price of white sugar and lychee has been sold to more than 6 yuan per catty, and the quality is better. It is sold for more than 7 yuan per catty. Today, the local litchi is far from all over the country.