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Industrial road makes the fruit delicious down the mountain

The Yangmei base of the water-immersed nest in Yizhang County, Hunan Province, looks at the overlapping
The Yangmei base of the water-immersed nest in Yizhang County, Hunan Province, looks at the overlapping, the overlapping of the bayberry trees are all over the mountains, a cluster of bayberry is covered with branches, the bayberry red is flooding, and the self-driving experience of Xiangnan Yuebei is similar to that of the Yangmei family. As a result, Shanwowo ushered in the "human peak".
At the same time, the county town has also been busy on the road to the flooding village. The construction workers are grabbing the time to build the “long water highway” upgrading project.
The water-immersed nest Yangmei base is located in Yuxi Town, 11 kilometers away from the county seat, planting fruit area of ​​13,000 mu, and more than 8,000 acres of bayberry such as Wumei and Dongkui. Due to the narrow roads in the village, the traffic jam is a big headache every time the bayberry season, and it becomes the biggest bottleneck in the village's industrial development.
Ouyang Feng, secretary of the county party committee, has repeatedly visited the flooding nest to carry out the “farm night talk” and “cutting farmhouse” activities, leading the county direct department and relevant enterprise leaders to give strong support to the production, sales, storage and processing of Yangmei in the village. And help, of which “Changshui Highway” is one of the problems solved by the mass line and also the embodiment of the last mile of the service growers. The project started in March 2014 and passed through the four villages of Changchong, Jiangbotou, Chengdong and Shuijingwo. It has a total length of 10 kilometers, an investment of 2.1 million yuan, and a total width of 5.5 meters after the road surface has been widened. The expansion of domestic road sections and the construction of temporary market for Yangmei sales.
All the way up, the widened road fully meets the requirements of the meeting, and the village road is no longer congested. "It is estimated that the number of people picking up in the flooding nest will be close to 400,000 this year, and the number of vehicles entering the village will be about 90,000. The roads in the village will not be blocked. The company will provide the technology of pulling nets and signing and processing 1 million kilograms. Yang Mei, sales are much more practical," said Qiu Yuxiang, a village party secretary.
The grape base of Yanjiang Village in Wuling Township has reached an area of ​​more than 8,000 mu. Now it is full of green and full grapes. The annual direct economic benefit can be over 10 million yuan, which is known as “Southern Turpan”. The 4.4 km into the village is the gravel road, causing a large loss of fruit. “After the hardening of the cement of the 107 National Road, the grape loss is small this year, the fruit is fresher and fragrant, and the masses are getting richer,” Liu Wenjun, the head of Wuling Township, said happily.
The industrial road from Chetian Village to Liantang Village in Tiantang Township is 10.2 kilometers long. After the cement pavement is repaired, a number of fruit bases such as plums, cherries and Jinqiu pears are strung after China Unicom. The farmers are smiling.
It is reported that the county has started the "100 Village Road to Poverty Alleviation" and focused on hardening the construction of the "Industrial Road, Shangxue Road, Tourism Road, and Minsheng Road". It will complete the construction of 320 kilometers of rural roads in 100 villages in three years. Head road", hardening through the village road, connecting the necessary villages and eliminating the dangerous bridge. The county has completed 86 143.2 km rural roads, of which 8 31.9 km of “Industrial Road” were completed, 13 of the “Shangxue Road” was 26.1 km, 7 of the “Tourist Road” was 15.7 km, and 58 of “Minsheng Road” was 69.5 km. The investment reached 100.73 million yuan.