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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

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E-commerce Litchi new ideas

The third Litchi Culture Festival will be held on Sunday, and Hong Kong 400 food will be group early adopters.
The third Litchi Culture Festival will be held on Sunday, and Hong Kong 400 food will be group early adopters.
Dongguan local lychee concentrates a lot into the market! On the 22nd, the Houjie Culture Festival will hold the third Litchi Culture Festival. Thanks to the brand effect, this year's Laizhi Culture Festival will welcome thousands of people's food groups to taste the lychees. Among them, there are also a group of 400 picking squads from Hong Kong, which are designated to request the orchard to pick and taste the local lychees.
Different from the traditional sales model in previous years, this year, Litchi Cooperatives, in addition to cooperation with logistics companies such as Shunfeng, sold the lychee to the whole country, and cooperated with e-commerce companies such as Handan.com to promote the appearance of the current group. The most distinctive feature is the large number of foreign tourists. Come and pick the lychee and play.
Up to now, the Big Litchi Cooperative has received orders from thousands of people for the litchi picking group. Among them, there are a group of 400 Hong Kong citizens picking group. They are attracted by the pollution-free litchi brand and specify the litchi that they want to taste.
During the interview, the fruit grower said that he had received a tour group of 800 people to pick lychees on the spot. “This year has received three batches of large-scale picking group bookings”, Li Guorong said that now in the Lichee harvest season, there is a strong capacity to receive large passengers, and a variety of specialty farmhouse foods can also satisfy the taste of tourists.
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Humen Daying E-commerce Brand Pavilion opened
Launched a “one-off” business
Humen Daying E-commerce Brand Pavilion officially opened recently, advocating the concept of O2O clothing electric mall combined with online and offline, and launched the “one-off” business, which has attracted the attention of the industry.
Beginning in the second half of last year, in order to alleviate the shortage of shops, Da Ying transformed the original brand franchise center on the sixth floor into an e-commerce brand hall. According to Cheng Yijun, general manager of Daying Electric Mall, a total of 286 shops were planned on the sixth floor. Starting from mid-April, investment promotion was started. In less than 20 days, all the shops were snapped up. After the official opening of the Da Ying E-Commerce Brand Pavilion, it advocated the concept of “all-round development of O2O clothing electric mall with network wholesale, Taobao supply, one batch, one generation, online and offline combination”.
Among them, Da Ying’s “One-off” service, in addition to being able to solve the financial pressure and inventory risks of online distribution for online retailers, allows them to obtain the most direct source price and quality assurance. It is considered by the outside world to be a "smuggling trick" to snatch the physical wholesale market.
Cheng Yijun said that “one batch” and retail physical stores are not the ones who grabbed their jobs, but should consider how to jointly make the market bigger. He believes that physical retailers need to change their own ideas, give up a bunch of things that they think they need, and wait for customers to come to buy them. "It's going to turn over, first accurately grasp the customer's needs, then use more Low cost to meet the needs of customers. "What the physical store should do is not to cut prices, but to make the brand fine, to regulate the brand's operating mechanism on the network and the physical store go hand in hand.