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Playing a bunch of "grape" notes on the colorful fields

The Green Shun Vineyard is located in the Chuanyu Team of Changhe Village, a hot spring town 3 km away from Luchuan County.
The Green Shun Vineyard is located in the Chuanyu Team of Changhe Village, a hot spring town 3 km away from Luchuan County. Under the leadership of the Ming Dynasty imitation secretary of the Luchuan County Tourism Bureau, we entered the Changjiang Village Rural Cement Road to the busy secondary road in Wushi and the bridge, and soon came to the vineyard.
One of the managers of the Lushun Vineyard, the land and fertilizer master of the Luchuan County Agricultural Bureau, and the senior agronomist Qiu Zongming took us into the vineyard, and it was the intoxicating green that caught the eye. Look closely, in the green leaves, a string of grapes, crystal clear, under the sun's rays, with dazzling light, mouth-watering.
At the entrance to the vineyard, a string of stalks called "early red" hangs on the rattan, green and purple, which is extremely attractive. "These are not mature enough!" Qiu stationmaster told us that the vineyard covers an area of ​​about 100 acres, planted with early red, beautiful, Wen Kezi, Xiahe non-nuclear, green, Modia, Jufeng grape, mountain grape and other varieties, now there are some summer black non-nuclear extract, early red, green and other into the mature harvesting period.
"I will take you to see the mature Xia black nuclear-free raisins!" said the stationmaster, who took us to an area marked with a black-and-nuclear nucleus. Under the tidy and orderly vine frame, a string of purple-black stalks hang from the green leaves, like purple pearls, round and large, and watery. Director Qiu said that the Xiahe nuclear-free extract was named "Olympic Fruit" in 2008. The variety of thick and fleshy meat is hard and brittle, and the soluble solids reach 20% - 22%. It is sweet and refreshing, with high sugar content. It is one of the best grape varieties on the Chinese market. We couldn't help but pick a purple-black, black-haired, non-nuclear nucleus into the mouth, sweet, crisp, seedless, good taste, and a pleasant feeling filled with the taste buds of the tongue.
We took a turn around the vineyard and found that the grapes were different in maturity, showing a colorful color, with green and green like jade, and from green to dark red like agate. There is a mature purple-black summer black no-nuclear mention... it is pleasing to the eye. The director of the hill said that the green grass vineyard started planting grapes from March last year. It began to enter the harvesting period in June this year. One or two varieties can be picked almost every ten days and eight days. Due to different varieties, the maturity time varies, usually between 40 and 60 days. A vine can basically be three or four times a year, so the picking of the vineyard can be carried out until October of that year.
One day to see the growth process of the grapes
"This is a vineyard. Why do we all see the raisins?" The reporter was somewhat puzzled. Director Qiu said that both the raisins and the grapes belong to the grape family. In the scientific name, they are collectively referred to as grapes. In fact, the raisins are improved grape varieties. The skin of the raisins is thick and thick, resistant to storage and taste good, so the price is higher than the grapes.
“In our vineyard, you can see the whole process of grape blossoming, fruiting and maturity in one day!” said the stationmaster, because there are many varieties in the vineyard, the maturity time is different, so it is presented in a period of time. Different growth trends. "Look, the grapes there have just blossomed, the grapes are like rice ears; the grapes here are just fruit, the fruit is small like green beans; the grapes on the other side are not mature, the shape is elliptical, the skin is green, the taste It is very sour; the grapes here are ripening, the skin is semi-purple and semi-green; and the grapes here are mature, the skin is purple, like a pearl wearing a purple coat..." We introduce every growth of the grape, which is simply a living specimen.
The director of the hill said that the vineyard will be built into an agricultural science park that integrates ecological sightseeing, leisure and picking. To this end, not only in the selection of grape varieties, but also in the construction and sub-regional of the park. For example, the shelf of the vineyard is higher than the shelf of the ordinary shed, the grape seedlings are flat on the T-shaped shelf, eliminating the advantage of the top, and the upper grape seed receives the sunshine evenly, so that the nutrition provided to the grape is sufficient, and the fruit grows. It’s good. At the same time, raising the fruit-hanging part of the grape can increase the temperature of the fruit-hanging area of ​​the grape and reduce the humidity of the fruit-hanging area of ​​the grape, which not only makes the vineyard appear regular, but also reduces the labor intensity of the caregiver and the picker and improves the ornamental.
“Actually, coming to us is not only about picking, but also to increase knowledge. Especially bringing children to understand the growth process of grapes is a good opportunity for science. This is the most exciting way to stimulate their knowledge of grape growing. Good place," said the stationmaster.
A “Colorful Fields” demonstration site with extremely high gold content
In the vineyard, we found that some of the instruments placed were very interesting. A thermometer and a hygrometer are hung on a shelf. The stationmaster said that this is to monitor the grape growing environment. In general, grapes grow best in environments with temperatures above 33 degrees Celsius and humidity below 40 degrees. The fruits grown in such environments have high sugar content and good taste.
In addition, in each area, we also found solar traps, which are covered with carcasses, moths, mites and other pests. The director of the hill explained that the main reason for the grape growth process is to protect the leaves, because the leaves are the main source of nutrients for the grapes, and these insects like to eat leaves, and like to act at night, so every 10 acres in the vineyard A solar trap light and a reusable ecological sticky board must be placed inside to physically kill these insects. Qiu stationmaster told us that Lushun Vineyard is an introduction test base for new varieties of Luchuan agricultural science and technology demonstration grapes, which is organically grown. Therefore, the entire vineyard is treated with physical pest control as much as possible during the planting process, using agricultural techniques to reduce disease, using organic fertilizers and biological pesticides.
In addition, the entire vineyard promotes a new model of ecological recycling, and promotes “clean rural” production techniques such as green plant protection, soil testing and formula fertilization, integrated water and fertilizer drip irrigation, and intercropping. The aim is to create an organic agricultural product base, produce organic grapes, and make people eat “reassuring fruits”. At the same time, they strive to create their own distinctive brands.
Director Qiu said that the creation of the “Colorful Fields” modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zone is to promote the transformation and upgrading of agriculture. In the Changhe Village of Luchuan County, the demonstration site of the Lushun Vineyard is to expand the cultivation of Luchuan vineyards by taking the lead, market-oriented, science and technology as the support, policy as the guarantee, and farmers as the target of increasing income and profitability. scale. By promoting new agricultural technologies and transforming scientific and technological achievements, we will build on the basis of continuous advancement in science and technology, and make agriculture a virtuous cycle of sustainable development, making grapes a major industry in Luchuan and promoting the optimization of agricultural structure.