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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

Easy to make small qualification fruit platter

Wash the mango and cut it with a knife from the middle slightly to the right.
1. Wash the mango and cut it with a knife from the middle slightly to the right.
2. Use a knife to start the diagonal line from the end. Note that the tip of the knife should go deep into the flesh without scratching the peel. Also operate the parallel line and turn the mango over. The same method cuts the parallel line that is interlaced with the line.
3. cut the flesh into rhombus and gently peel the peel with both hands.
4. Cut the watermelon into triangular pieces first, according to the size of the watermelon can choose half or whole, such as small round melon, can also be directly cut into slices without cutting in the middle.
5. Starting from the top, cut off the pulp and separate it from the peel. Be careful to leave about 1-2 cm of pulp uncut. The watermelon here is bigger, and uses another large knife.
6. After the pulp is cut off, it is cut into slices about one centimeter thick with a knife and poured into a plate. Because the watermelon is large, the bottom can be cut off.
7. then put the watermelon in a single push way and put it in the middle of the dish. Peel part, with a knife will be centimeter white part of the peel constantly cut off, leaving a thin layer, bending can feel its flexibility.
8. Cut the skin of watermelon with a knife in the middle, and cut a small strip of watermelon skin on each side, then cut the radioactive lines on the outside of the two strips respectively. Gently bend it outward and use a toothpick to fix it. The other side can bend to the opposite way to make a more styling.
9. Wash the oranges. First cut it, then divide it into 8 parts.
10. Take one of the pieces and start cutting from the right. Separate the pulp from the peel and cut to a little more than half of the area to stop. Peel and cut the peel again. (Don't cut the flesh completely, about half of it is enough, and the peel should be thinned again, so that it can be easily bent.)
11. Bend it upwards and clip it on the pulp.
12. Put the knife from the right top to the outside one-third, cutting to the two ends respectively, pay attention to the middle part, do not cut. Bend it inward and stick it on the pulp.
13. Cut off the flesh of the tail so that you can stand up easily.
14. Put the chopped fruit on the plate. Enjoy your tasty results!