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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

Qingdao builds the largest imported fruit distribution center in Jiangbei, and the Oriental Dingxinyang fruit is cheaper.

On the morning of June 16th, Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Trading Center in Jimo Town,
On the morning of June 16th, Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Trading Center in Jimo Town, Jimo, parked in the imported fruit trading area full of imported durian container containers, the scene was full of people, "Today's wholesale price per catty 12 Yuan to 13 yuan, the market retail price of 18 yuan per catty, 40% cheaper than the same period last year," said Yuan Ming, the manager of the trading center. "There was about 400 tons of durian imported every day last year, and now 700 tons per day. Imported durian into Qingdao!"
Qingdao has built the largest imported fruit distribution center in Jiangbei.
Speaking of the reason for the decrease in the price of durian, he analyzed that this year's durian harvest in Vietnam and Thailand is an important reason, but another factor that cannot be ignored is the innovative introduction of the “Three Ones” on-site customs clearance model. Here, the customs clearance speed is fast, the transportation cost is saved, the freshness of the fruit is ensured... The excellent location and policy effect make the radiation effect of Qingdao as the import fruit distribution center increasingly prominent! At present, the Dingxin Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center of the East has attracted more than 400 inside and outside the province. The fruit merchants settled in, and the main fruit is 120 categories and more than 300 varieties. Last year, the sales volume of imported fruits reached more than 6 million tons, becoming the largest import fruit trading market in Jiangbei.
As the first designated port for entering fruits in Shandong Province, Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center has launched one declaration, one inspection and one release of the “three ones” inspection and customs clearance mode. It takes more than two hours to complete the inspection and quarantine and release, and the imported fruit can be put on the market at the fastest speed, and the customs clearance time is shortened by 30%-50%. In addition, "Dongfang Dingxin" has been opened to the direct shipping route from Thailand to Qingdao through the docking of Thailand. It takes only 8 days to reach Qingdao Port from the place of origin.
Since the launch of the “Three Ones” model, the import of fruit from the large fruit market in Jinan, Zhengzhou, Beijing and the three northeastern provinces has basically passed the inspection and quarantine of the platform, which has changed the previous North China region only through Shanghai Port and Dalian Port. The history of fruit import customs clearance has greatly shortened the transportation time and transportation distance of fruits. According to statistics, this fruit distribution center covers an area of ​​500 mu and a construction area of ​​230,000 square meters. Last year, the fruit transaction volume was 1,654,400 tons, and the annual transaction volume reached 11.581 billion yuan.
“We are mainly engaged in the wholesale trade of imported fruits. The reason why we set up a branch here is to look at the radiation capacity of the market for Shandong and Jiangbei. Now we trade 80 tons of durian a day, five times that of last year!” Nanjing Green Sea Fruit Xu Chao, manager of Qingdao Branch of Industry Co., Ltd. said, “Here, the imported fruit 'three ones' mode is cleared to ensure timely fruit clearance and market transactions, and the surrounding transportation is convenient. The road transportation is convenient to connect Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai and even Liaoning. , Hebei and other provinces!"
It is understood that Qingdao's import of fruit business in the "Dongfang Dingxin" has greatly expanded, and this fruit trading market is further "expanded". At present, it is planning to build an international dry port expansion bearing area covering an area of ​​1,700 mu. The investment amount is 5.6 billion yuan. It is planned to be completed in three phases, forming a large-scale fruit distribution center based on the Shandong Peninsula, facing the East China and North China markets and radiating the whole country.
It is reported that "Dongfang Dingxin" is negotiating with the railway department. It plans to open a Xinjiang fruit train from Aksu to Jimo Nanquan at the end of July this year, and distribute Xinjiang specialty fruits such as Korla pear, Aksu apple and cantaloupe. The transportation cost is 10% lower than that of road transport. .
Yuan Ming introduced that last year, "Dongfang Dingxin" imported more than 2,000 imported fruit containers and imported fruit sales reached more than 6 million tons, mainly from more than 20 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and the United States. Area, variety Geiger, dragon fruit, durian and so on. Among them, the fruit imports along the “Belt and Road” increased by 30% per year, including Israel, Egyptian citrus, French, Italian kiwi, apple, Pakistani orange and other varieties.
Fine fruit such as pineapple, longan, banana, mangosteen, apple, and cherries.
At present, this market is negotiating with the railway department to open a Xinjiang fruit train from Aksu to Qingdao Nanquan.
“Durian is shipped directly from Qingdao to Qingdao, and there are fewer links in the middle. The price is naturally cheaper.” A fruit vendor from Liaocheng is trading wholesale imported durian. “The transportation around the market is convenient, and the speed is up in a few minutes!”