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Thick sweet orange

Tangerine is a kind of citrus. It tastes sweet like honey, so it is called tangerine.
Tangerine is a kind of citrus. It tastes sweet like honey, so it is called tangerine. The main components of tangerine are water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calories, crude fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, potassium, sodium, Magnesium, etc.
It is located in the south of the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains, the southern slopes of the Funiu Mountain and the southern Dabie Mountains, southeast to Taiwan, south to Hainan Island, and southwest to the lower elevation of southeastern Tibet. Widely cultivated, rarely half wild. Planted in the northern part of the country is orange, mainly red orange and orange. The citrus and tangerine produced in China have many varieties and can be called the crown of the world.
The role of tangerine
1. Tangerine can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Tangerine is an excellent fruit for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The daily consumption of tangerines is often found in the white matter of tangerines. When the white matter is eaten together, the nutritional value of the tangerine will also be increased several times. The nutritional value of tangerine is very rich, and there are many kinds of blood-activating substances. After being absorbed by the human body, it can prevent the occurrence of vascular diseases. So we said that tangerine can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For middle-aged and elderly people, people with very high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are suitable for regular consumption of tangerines and can be used as a health food for fruits.
2, tangerine can be beauty and beauty, the moisture in the tangerine is very rich, can moisturize the skin, and replenish the easily lost water in the skin. And because there is a substance called tart in tangerine. Many people know that fruit acid plays a whitening effect on human skin, and is also common in some cosmetics, so if people often eat tangerines, they can whiten and rejuvenate, especially for some freckled women, tangerine can also Precipitating melanin reduces the appearance of freckles, so it is suitable for people who love beauty.
3, treatment of peripheral neuritis and vitamin C deficiency: 2 oranges each time, three times a day. For the treatment of cough and pharyngeal dryness: squeeze the orange peel into the mouth, eat tangerines, and slow chewing. And with other cough medicine.
4, treatment of hypochondriac pain stagnation diet: 6 oranges, 9 grams of chicken gold, decoction, three times.
A large number of tangerines arrived, mainly in Yunnan early-maturing tangerines, with an average price of 3.00 yuan / kg. The address is located in the trading shed and the trading shed No. 3 of Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, which can be purchased by yourself.