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Honey pomelo - retain the most fresh and authentic flavor.

Guanxi honey pomelo is native to Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a famous product of cultivated pomelo.

Guanxi honey pomelo is native to Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a famous product of cultivated pomelo. Quxi honey pomelo fruit has excellent nuclear-free quality, strong adaptability, high yield and good commercial quality. It can be described as the crown of pomelo. Pinghe Guanxi honey pomelo is a famous local traditional fruit of Pinghe County, Fujian Province. It has been more than 500 years old. Cultivation history. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, it was listed as a tribute to the court. The emperor of Tongzhi gave a seal of "Xi'an Xinji" and one side of Qinglongqi as a tribute mark and ban. Pinghe Yizhong Playground is said to be specially planted with good quality grapefruit as a tribute presented to the Qing emperor.
basic introduction
Pinghe Tunxi honey pomelo is the local famous fruit of Pinghe County, Ganzhou. The Guanxi honey pomelo is native to Pinghe County, Fujian. It is a famous product of cultivated pomelo. It has been cultivated for more than 500 years, and it was listed as a tribute to the court as early as the Qing Emperor Qianlong. It is famous for its excellent quality of thin and juicy, sweet and mellow, moderately sweet and sour. It is also a must-have fruit for many consumers before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is rich in vitamin C and a large number of other signature nutrients. It is recognized as the most therapeutic fruit in the medical world.
Morphological characteristics
Quxi honey pomelo is the most resistant to storage and can be stored for more than three months. The maturity period is from October to December every year.
1. Seeing the fruit is small and large, the bottom is flat, the honey pomelo, thin skin, juicy, sweet, fleshy mouth, excellent variety; and fruit-shaped long honey pomelo, thick skin, thick meat, flavor, preservation Long time, quality is acceptable.
2. The hand touches the skin with smooth and not rough, and the fruit feels heavy. This fruit tastes good; on the contrary, the quality is poor.
Nutritional value
Guanxi honey pomelo is not only a gourmet fruit, but also an admirable natural health food. Quxi honey pomelo belongs to subtropical arbor tree, Rutaceae, with large crown and round head shape. The main side is not obvious. The height of the tree is 4-5 meters. The branches and leaves are dense. It is planted in spring and can be put into operation in 4 years. 6—— After 7 years of entering the abundance period, the fruit matures before and after the frost. The weight of a single fruit is about 2 kg, and the large one can reach 7 kg. The fruit top is wide and flat, and the apex is deep concave. It needs special treatment for more than three months. The canned fruit can.
nutrient content
Quxi honey pomelo contains 1.97-9.86 grams of whole sugar per 100 ml of juice, 0.734-1.011 g of titratable acid, and 48.93-51.98 mg of vitamin C (up to 61.78 mg). According to the China Atomic Energy Research Institute of Atomic Energy, the fruit contains more than 10 kinds of mineral nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, manganese, vanadium, phosphorus and chlorine.
Chinese medicine believes: Quxi honey pomelo "sexual flat, sweet and slightly acidic, with digestion and stomach, qi and phlegm, growth and thirst" performance, qi stagnation, phlegm, white, cough, itching, indigestion, constipation , detoxification and detoxification, etc., have significant effects.
Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that it has special medicinal value and health functions:
First, it contains a lot of vitamins, of which vitamin C content is 6 higher than that of pear. Vitamin P can maintain the normal function of capillaries, lower blood cholesterol, and is suitable for various cardiovascular diseases.
The second is rich in trace elements and minerals required by the human body;
The third is that it contains insulin-like parts and has the function of lowering blood sugar, which is suitable for diabetics;
The fourth is rich in tannic acid, which has anti-fatigue effect and is suitable for athletes and heavy physical workers;
The fifth is the naringin d-limonene contained in the grapefruit, which has anti-cancer and anti-distortion effects, especially the limonin contained in the seed is a strong anti-cancer substance.
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