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Eight containers! Miles! Korla fragrant pears take the train to the "feasting"!

On December 3rd, after five days of long-distance trek, Korla Pear, issued by Xinjiang Korla with eight containers transported by rail cold chain
On December 3rd, after five days of long-distance trek, Korla Pear, issued by Xinjiang Korla with eight containers transported by rail cold chain, was successfully delivered to Qingdao Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center in Jimo Town, Jimo.
This is the first Xinjiang Korla pear that is transported by railroad cold chain multimodal transport. After the docking and coordination of the Eastern Dingxin and the Xinjiang Korla Railway Department, the transportation price is 30% lower than the normal price of railway transportation and about 40% cheaper than the road transportation price. After the introduction of Korla pears, the retail price is expected to be reduced by about 0.5 yuan per catty. Due to the cold chain transportation throughout the whole process, fruit freshness can be efficiently guaranteed.
Fragrant pear harvest + freight straight down
Doubled sales to 2000 tons
Xinjiang Korla pear is a well-known geographical indication fruit in China, but the long distance of transportation leads to high cost and quality is difficult to guarantee. The traditional railway transportation method uses the machine-safe freight container. Since there is no constant temperature freezer and it takes 10 to 15 days to transport the time, the quality of the fruit is difficult to guarantee. In recent years, the dominant mode of transportation by car is costly. The freight rate is 500 yuan/ton--1000 yuan/ton. Because it is not cold chain transportation, it is easy to be frozen or even dried up due to extreme cold or windy weather. Moreover, due to the unevenness of the road surface, the upper layer of fruit will be squeezed on the bottom layer of fruit, thereby causing loss. Since then, the rise of car cold chain transportation is too expensive to be adopted on a large scale.
Relatively speaking, the railway cold chain multimodal transport method adopted by Dongfang Dingxin basically has no loss of fresh fruit under the premise of ensuring transportation efficiency, and the freight is 30% to 50% cheaper than the highway. Through the negotiation with the local railway department of Korla, Dongfang Dingxin has also lowered the freight price by about 30%. These cost reductions will ultimately benefit consumers.
"This year's Korla fragrant pear harvest, according to different quality, the wholesale price of each box is between 30 yuan and 80 yuan, about 14 kg per box, through the reduction of transportation costs, the wholesale price of fragrant pears can be reduced by 0.3 yuan / kg, the retail price can be reduced 0.5 yuan / kg." Yuan Ming, Marketing Manager of Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center.
It is understood that the first batch of Korla pears transported by rail cold chain multimodal transport has a total of 8 containers, each container is 16 tons - 18 tons, the cold chain is transported by 0 degree preservation, and the turnover is hoisted by gantry cranes. It has almost no effect on the quality of fresh fruit. After the shipment of Korla pears to Qingdao, the wholesale will be radiated to the Jiaodong Peninsula, Weifang, Rizhao, Lianyungang and other places.
"This year, the transportation volume of Korla pear will double from the previous year to 2,000 tons. Dongfang Dingxin also plans to transport Aksu apples by means of railway cold chain multimodal transport." Yuan Ming revealed.
Fast clearance + radiation expansion
Chengjiang North Fruit Trading Hub
At present, as the largest import fruit distribution center in the north, there are more than 300 types of fruits traded in the Qingdao Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center. In addition to domestic fruits, there are imported fruits from more than 100 countries around the world.
At the end of 2014, Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center officially launched the “Three Ones” on-site customs clearance mode for the declaration, cooperation and one release of the imported fruit inspection cooperation. The customs and national inspections also entered the center. Imported fruits are transported directly from the Qingdao Port to the trading center for on-site inspection. It takes only one working day to complete the customs clearance. Each container not only saves about 2,000 yuan of land transportation costs, but also fast customs clearance, saving about 3 The time of day.
In addition to covering Qingyanwei and the provinces, Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center has become a fruit trading hub in Jiangbei District. In 2016, the annual transaction volume reached 11.6 billion yuan, of which Qingdao market Accounted for about half of the entire transaction volume, last year, the island city people ate about 800,000 tons of fruit. Looking at the price data analysis of imported fruits in the past three years, the price drop is nearly 40%, mainly relying on reducing freight and improving turnover efficiency.