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Special train connecting Qingdao Xinjiang, a large wave of Korla pears came

Benefiting from the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, at the end of last year, the “Jiangguo Dongyun” train train was officially opened.
Benefiting from the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, at the end of last year, the “Jiangguo Dongyun” train train was officially opened. For more than a month, nearly 500 tons of Xinjiang Korla pears have been used in this special train to be distributed at the Qingdao Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center and to the tables of citizens in and outside the province. Today, the Xinjiang Korla Pear Association has signed an agreement with the trading center. In the future, more authentic Xinjiang delicious fruits such as Korla pear will be shipped to Qingdao on a regular basis. Not only the citizens have a good taste, but also solve the big problems for the farmers of Korla. .
Uncle Tulson of Korla in Xinjiang has been doing fruit business for more than 20 years. He has planted more than 100 acres of Korla pears. This year, the pears have ushered in the biggest harvest in more than 50 years, and the output is more than three times that of previous years. If he put it in the past, he will be prosperous, but this year he is both practical and excited. Because Korla pears will be shipped to Qingdao on a regular basis, not only do not have to worry about shipping, but the cost is also reduced by more than half.
Xinjiang fruit farmer Tulson: It used to be a car, and the toll was high. Some can't even sell the cost. At this time last year, it rose to 1,300 and 1,41 tons. Now we have more than 600 of this special line, half. Last year, this sold more than 50 boxes, and this year it sold thirty-five, thirty-seven, eight, the most expensive, which is 13 yuan a box, the freight is cheaper.
After the implementation of the long-term agreement, the retail price of Korla pears will be reduced by about 0.5 yuan per catty, and the market price will be relatively stable. The quality of the pears is also guaranteed by avoiding long-distance bumps and weather.
Xinjiang fruit farmer Tulson: Last time we loaded the car for eight days, Gansu snow blocked for four days, the pears were frozen, and the special four days can guarantee how to get out of the cold storage here, quality and quantity .
Sheng Zhenming, president of the Xinjiang Korla Pear Association: The biggest shortcoming in Xinjiang to the mainland is the high logistics cost. After the train is opened, the freight rate, time and safety are guaranteed directly, and the saved freight can be given to consumers.
(Reporter Li Qingbo Zhang Feng Tan Jiaping)