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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

Integrity without discount, every day "3.15"

Integrity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of all walks of life
Integrity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of all walks of life, the foundation of the industry, and the soft power of the continuous and steady development of the business and the continuous enhancement of market competitiveness.
Dongfang Dingxin always regards "sincerely establishing the city, trusting the city with Xingshi" as the basis of market management, vigorously promoting the integrity management, and constantly regulating the business behavior of the merchants in the market. All the fruits sold in the market must pass the pesticide residue inspection, and do not contain any country. All kinds of substances such as dyes, preservatives, preservatives, additives, etc., which are prohibited by the market, must be honest and abiding by law, and abide by business ethics. Dongfang Dingxin severely punishes any fraud, commercial fraud, lack of money, and abduction and other illegal activities. Consciously accept the inspection and assessment of the supervision and management departments of industry and commerce, food and medicine, and once the merchants in the market are found to be in violation of laws and regulations, or are reported and verified, they will be severely punished and will be cleared.
As the largest distribution center for agricultural and sideline products in Jiangbei, Dongfang Dingxin promises:
1. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, standardize market management, ensure the quality of agricultural products, and improve service levels;
Second, strengthen the sense of integrity, integrity and no discount, the concept of honesty and trustworthiness throughout the entire market management process, and never relax;
Third, abide by business ethics, strengthen supervision of business operations, and maintain a good market trading order.
The development and growth of Dongfang Dingxin is inseparable from the care and support of all walks of life. It is inseparable from everyone's supervision and encouragement. We hope that friends from all walks of life will work with us to maintain fair competition, honest and trustworthy market environment and consumption environment, and jointly build China's first-class agricultural and sideline products. market place.