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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

Responding to create a health city call to create a health and civilization Dingxin market

Chuangwei is the abbreviation for creating a sanitary city. “Healthy city” is an important indicator of the comprehensive function and civilization of a city.
The main work to be done by Chuangwei is divided according to the categories of the nature of the work, mainly including:
1 Accelerate the pace of municipal infrastructure construction.
2 Actively carry out urban environmental sanitation and rectification.
3 continue to strengthen patriotic health work.
4 Do a good job in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and food hygiene supervision.
5 Solidly promote environmental protection work.
6 Vigorously carry out the training of creation and publicity.
Creating a health city includes the following:
(1) Management of patriotic health organizations.
(2) Health education.
(3) City appearance and environmental sanitation.
(4) Environmental protection.
(5) Public places, drinking water and sanitation.
(6) Food hygiene.
(7) Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.
(8) Disease vector control.
(9) Community and unit health.
(10) Health in the urban village and urban-rural junction.
The development of national health city activities has far-reaching significance: First, create a good work, study and living environment for the people, achieve primary health care, improve people's health, do practical things for the people, do good things, and further close the party and the government with the people. The second is to cultivate a new civilization of social civilization, improve the quality of citizens, and build socialist spiritual civilization; the third is to improve urban functions, improve the investment environment, expand opening up, promote economic development, and accelerate the pace of urban modernization.