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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

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It’s a healthy way to eat fruit like this.

Yes, everyone in life knows that eating fruits is good for health, so eating fruits often becomes a healthy lifestyle. But do you know?
Yes, everyone in life knows that eating fruits is good for health, so eating fruits often becomes a healthy lifestyle. But do you know? If the fruit is eaten incorrectly, it will not only prevent health, but will harm our health.
Treat fruit as staple food
Some people lose weight by using fruits and vegetables instead of staple foods. This is not right. The nutrients of the fruit are relatively simple. Most of the ingredients are water, and there are a small amount of vitamins and trace elements, which are almost free of protein and fat.
Long-term use of fruit as a staple food will lead to a serious lack of protein, many metabolisms and enzymes can not be synthesized, and then, all kinds of diseases will find you. In addition, the fruit is very satiety, and if you accidentally eat more, the weight loss effect is counterproductive.
Eating fruit without peeling
Most fruits are now sprayed with pesticides. Most of the pesticides remain in the peel. If you want to eat peace of mind, it is best to cut the peel and eat.
Warm fruit should not eat more
Warm fruits, such as lychee, cherries, longan, durian, etc., produce a lot of calories. These fruits can't eat too much, affect endocrine balance, and have problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and "fire."
Cut fruit with a kitchen knife
The meat cleaver and the fruit should be used separately. The meat cleaver may carry some parasites and bacteria, which may easily contaminate the cut fruit. It is better to cut the fruit with a special water.
Eat fruit together in bed
Most fruits are cool. Just getting up and eating fruit can irritate the stomach and even cause stomach acid. The correct way is to eat fruit after noon.
Fruit should not be refrigerated for a long time
If the fruit is not enough, we will put it in the refrigerator and put it in for a few days. After the fruit is picked, it will always produce a toxic substance, nitrite. The longer the time, the greater the harm, so the fresher the fruit, the better.
Avoid buying cut fruit
The cut fruit is placed in a plastic bag and looks very hygienic. In fact, the vitamin C of fruits is most easily oxidized in the air, the nutritional value is greatly reduced, and many bacteria are also produced.