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Passionate summer litchi season

The main cultivars of litchi include thirteen red, round branches, black leaves, Huaizhi, Guiwei, glutinous rice, Yuanhong, Lanzhu, Chenzi
Changan looks back and embroidered into piles.
The top of the mountain is opened thousands of times.
I laughed at the red dust scorpion.
No one knows that it is lychee.
The main cultivars of litchi include thirteen red, round branches, black leaves, Huaizhi, Guiwei, glutinous rice, Yuanhong, Lanzhu, Chenzi, hanging green, crystal ball, scorpion laugh, and white sugar. When Zhonggui and glutinous rice bran are the best varieties, it is also the choice of fresh food. It is a rare and rare variety. “Luogang Guiwei”, “Bicun glutinous rice dumplings” and “Zengcheng Hanging Green” are known as “Laizhi Sanjie”. Huiyang Town Longguiwei glutinous rice bran is more delicious and sweet.
In the Song Dynasty, Su Shi first tasted the lychee, sweet juice and spleen, greatly admired, compared the lychee to the "sea fairy", and actually abandoned the official guard. Also wrote a poem "Food Litchi" poem:
Luofu Mountain, four springs,
Lu Orange Yangmei is the newest.
Three hundred lychees,
Do not resign as Lingnan.
Want to eat the freshest, cheapest, and most complete lychees this summer?
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There are ways to choose lychee
Feel: First take it in your hand: Good: Press the finger slightly to press the fruit and feel hard. Bad: The skin is soft and soft.
Look at the appearance
Good: the peel is fresh, the color is dark red, the handle is fresh and not wilted, and the flesh is white.
Bad: The peel is dark brown or black, and the juice is extravasated. The flesh is red.
Look at the head of the lychee: the head of the lychee is relatively pointed, and the "nail" on the epidermis is relatively dense, which means that the lychee is not mature enough, and vice versa is a mature lychee.
Look at the shell, cracked pieces: flat, sutures are obvious, such lychees must be sweet, unbelievable! The real fresh lychee looks from the outside, the color is not very bright, the dark red is slightly green, and there is no smell.
The role and efficacy of lychee
Efficacy and function
1, supplement energy, puzzle brain. Litchi pulp is rich in glucose and sucrose. The total sugar content is above 70%. It ranks first in many fruits and has the functions of supplementing energy and increasing nutrition. Studies have shown that litchi has a nourishing effect on brain tissue, which can significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness, and fatigue.
2. Enhance immune function. Litchi meat is rich in vitamin C and protein, which helps to enhance the body's immune function and improve disease resistance. It has been regarded as a precious supplement since ancient times.
3. Reduce blood sugar. Lychee contains an amino acid that has the effect of lowering blood sugar and is very suitable for diabetic patients.
4, swelling and detoxification, stop bleeding and relieve pain. In addition to the well-known nourishing effect, litchi can also be used for surgical diseases such as tumors, sputum, hemorrhoids, and traumatic bleeding.
5, stop hiccups, stop diarrhea. Litchi is warm and spleen, and can reduce the spleen. It is a treat for the intractable hiccups and the five more diarrhea.
Edible efficacy
Lychee is sweet, sour, warm, into the heart, spleen, liver; the flesh has the effect of replenishing the spleen and benefiting the liver, regulating qi and blood, warming the pain, and replenishing the heart and calming the nerves; the nucleus has the effect of regulating qi, dispersing and relieving pain; Hiccup, stop diarrhea, is a refractory hiccup and a diet of five more diarrhea, while having brain fitness, appetizing spleen, has the effect of promoting appetite
For people
1. It is especially suitable for maternal, elderly, debilitated and post-ill caregiver; anemia, stomach cold and bad breath are also suitable;
2, diabetics with caution with lychee, Yin Huowang, people with symptoms of fire do not eat, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of fire, yin deficiency caused by dry throat, swollen gums, nosebleeds, etc.; litchi contains Tannin, methanol, etc., more food is prone to internal heat, suffering from dry throat caused by yin deficiency, swollen gums, nose bleeding and other symptoms are hanged.