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Qingdao blueberry production increased to lower prices

A small box of blueberries can be bought for 8 yuan, which is too cheap. Recently, Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Jinan who likes to eat blueberries
A small box of blueberries can be bought for 8 yuan, which is too cheap. Recently, Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Jinan who likes to eat blueberries, found that the price of blueberries fell below the 10-yuan mark this year, and the price dropped so that she could enjoy eating. The reporter visited and found that most of the blueberries sold in Jinan came from Qingdao. The price of blueberries was generally lower this year, mainly due to the large increase in blueberry production in the region.
"Blueberry is really cheap this year. I plan to buy more and make blueberry sauce." On the morning of the 7th, the reporter saw Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Jinan who was buying blueberries, at a fruit stand on Lishan Road. She told reporters that she has always liked to eat blueberries, but in the past years, the price of blueberries was relatively high. A small box of three or two blueberries cost twenty or thirty dollars, and she bought some solutions. However, since the summer of this year, she has found that the price of blueberries continues to fall. "The same three blueberries, the lowest price is only seven or eight dollars a box, a lot cheaper."
Mr. Wang, who is doing fruit business in Qingdao Dingxin Market, told reporters that he has been doing fruit business for so many years. Blueberry prices have sold for the first time this year, breaking the 10-yuan mark. “In the past year, a box of three-two-blueberries was the cheapest. 15-20 yuan, but the price of blueberry has been around 10 yuan this year. Today, the price of blueberry is 10 yuan / box, the first two days seven or eight dollars a box." Mr. Fan said that this year's blueberry purchase price is also very cheap About 20 yuan / jin, the price difference in previous years is relatively large, ranging from 40 yuan to 70 yuan.
Mr. Fan said that the vast majority of blueberries sold in Jinan were shipped from Qingdao. “Qingdao has a blueberry base. I heard that the output has continued to rise, so the price has also come down.” It is reported that Jinan Zhangqiu also planted blueberries, but the output is much less than that of Qingdao, and most of them have become local people's picking bases.
A staff member said that the price of blueberries is relatively stable at present, and the price has dropped a lot compared with previous years. The main reason is that the planting area of ​​blueberries in Qingdao has expanded, and the supply of production has increased, which has lowered the market price. Mr. Zhou, who is engaged in the blueberry business, said that this price is expected to continue until the end of the blueberry picking season in August.