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Customs inspection and settlement in the East Dingxin Qingdao into a fruit distribution center

"Eating Chilean cherries in winter, American red in summer, and durian in spring and autumn."
"Eating Chilean cherries in winter, American red in summer, and durian in spring and autumn." Perhaps a year ago, this was a good wish for the island city people. But this idea will soon become a reality. With the customs and commodity inspection departments settled in the Dingxin agricultural and sideline products market yesterday, fresh fruits picked from countries around the world are expected to arrive at the island city table within 24 hours. Qingdao will also be ranked as a national fruit distribution center in Shenzhen and Shanghai.
Visiting imported fruits and going into Qingdao
Although the import of fruit has long been nothing new, its price of up to hundreds of yuan per kilogram still discourages the ordinary working class. The reporter visited the island city market and found that imported fruits are mainly concentrated in high-end supermarkets such as Hisense Plaza and Jiashike. In addition, some fruit franchise stores also operate imported fruits. Even with the same kind of fruit, there is still a big gap between domestic and imported. Take the cherries that are familiar to the island people as an example. In winter, the price of Chilean cherries is as high as 100 yuan per catty. In July and August, the price of Qingdao local cherry beads is only 10 yuan per jin. In the Jiashike East store, the domestic lemon price is 7.9 yuan / month, the price per kilogram is about 15 yuan, and the imported lemon reaches 35.8 yuan / kg. Although imported fruits are more sweet on the palate, for reasons of price, more than 80% of the citizens will still choose relatively cheap domestic fruits.
At present, foreign fruits generally arrive in China by air and sea, of which sea transportation accounts for about 70%. Imported fruits imported by sea have to be sent to all parts of the country after commercial inspection and customs clearance in Shanghai or Shenzhen ports, increasing transportation costs. As a result, the price of imported fruits is too high, and the freshness of the fruits is not well maintained.
New regulations, customs clearance, moving to the wholesale market
The phenomenon of high prices and high losses of imported fruits is changing. Song Chengfeng, manager of the investment department of Qingdao Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, said that although Qingdao Port provides convenient conditions for trade development, there is still a gap in terms of fruit clearance compared with Shanghai and Shenzhen. Customs and commodity inspection departments directly settled in Qingdao Dingxin International Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, which means that fruits that come to Qingdao from overseas by air or sea can be directly cleared in the market. Previously, imported fruit entered Qingdao mainly through two methods, one is directly imported into Qingdao, but this method takes a long time in customs clearance and commodity inspection and inspection process. The second way is to transfer through Shenzhen and Shanghai. Although this method saves time in customs clearance, the cost of domestic transportation is also high. With the direct entry of customs and commodity inspection, the customs and commodity inspection reports can be completed within 24 hours. Not only saves the time of customs clearance, but also eliminates the loss of long-distance transportation. The market has obtained relevant approvals and is expected to be implemented in two years.
American red is coming 24 hours
“A cherries are picked from American manor houses and sold to Qingdao sales booths, which can be completed in 24 hours,” said Wang Shiwei, president of Lantao International Trading Co., Ltd.
Lantao International is a company engaged in fruit import and export distribution business. It officially settled in the Oriental Dingxin Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market yesterday. This is the first time the company has settled in Shandong. Hou Min, general manager of Lantao International, said that Lan Tao will deliver the best fruits from all over the world directly to Qingdao Port, and then enter the Dingxin agricultural and sideline products for customs clearance and commodity inspection and deliver them to customers. All of them are sold in high-end imported fruits, mainly from 8 countries around the world, involving more than 40 varieties. "We are taking the season. This season, Australia's fruit is ripe. We will go to Australia to enter the fruit. In that season, the American fruit will mature. We will go to the United States to purchase fruit. This kind of pursuit of the season can guarantee the purchase. The quality and freshness of the fruit." Hou Min said.
Imported fruit is expected to cut prices again
In addition to greatly shortening the time for imported fruits to come to Qingdao, the price of imported fruits is expected to be greatly reduced due to the elimination of the transshipment link. According to Hou Min, in the traditional way, dealers must first ship the goods to Shanghai Port or Shenzhen Port, and then transport them to Qingdao by air or land. In fact, whether it is air or land, its cost is very high. The cost of air transportation has always been at the top of all major modes of transportation. Land transport seems to be low-cost, but because it takes too long in the middle, it needs to use a cold-chain transportation system with higher cost, which is not cheap. Once the local customs clearance is achieved, it is no doubt that the transshipment costs can be saved, thus reducing the overall price of imported fruits.
Domestic fruit giant layout Qingdao
With the overall entry of customs and commodity inspection in the wholesale market, the overall pattern of imported fruit in the country may be expected to change. Qingdao ranks among the national fruit first-level wholesale centers. At present, the imported fruits in Qingdao are mainly from Shanghai and Shenzhen. Once the local customs clearance is implemented, Shandong and even the surrounding provinces do not need to travel to Shanghai and Shenzhen to wholesale fruit. After the container is docked in Qingdao Port, it can directly go to the wholesale market to trade. By then, Qingdao is expected to become a national fruit distribution center and become the largest fruit trading center in Jiangbei. A number of large fruit dealers across the country have begun to deploy Qingdao. Counting on Lantao International, which was officially stationed yesterday, there are currently 8 imported fruit trading companies in the city. The fruits imported by these 8 imported fruit trading companies cover the consumption needs of the Shandong Peninsula and the entire Central Plains.
Reporter Yang Haitao Li Pei