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2014 the first China (old liberated area) agricultural products fair

Display the new image of the old liberated areas, promote the industrialization of the old liberated areas, and speed up the rural areas in the old liberated areas.
2014 the first China (old liberated area) agricultural products fair
Time: 22-24 June 2014
Venue: Shanghai Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai, Xuhui District Caobao Road No. 88)
Display the new image of the old liberated areas, promote the industrialization of the old liberated areas, and speed up the rural areas in the old liberated areas.
The first China (Old District) Agricultural Products Exposition (LQAE) is a national industry event and a professional, large-scale, international display and exchange platform to meet the needs of building international modern agriculture. LQAE is guided by market economy and scientific development as a means to promote the modernization of agriculture in old areas, diversification of rural development, effective increase of farmers'output and income, and high value-added of agricultural enterprises. Building brand advantages has become the preferred platform for the agricultural industry to release the latest products and technologies in the old liberated areas.
LQAE combines the spirit of "Central Document No. 1" to show the new changes of agriculture in the old revolutionary areas, encourage and commend the latest achievements of modern agriculture, and promote the development of agricultural industrialization. The first China (Old District) Agricultural Products Exposition (LQAE) will showcase new agricultural products and new technologies, and hold a number of industrial activities. At the same time, more international visiting delegations will be invited to visit, purchase and exchange, so that LQAE will play a more active role in promoting international exchanges, cooperation and trade, and promoting the healthy and rapid development of China's agricultural modernization.
Exhibition scope
Agricultural image exhibition area in old area: large-scale organic food base exhibition area, national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise exhibition area, organic food image exhibition area of Baiqiang County, agricultural special products exhibition area, agricultural experience leisure tourism brand exhibition area.
Green food exhibition area: green food base, pollution-free agricultural products, geographical indication products, century-old home, local brand products, safe food production, processing and sales.
Organic food exhibition area: organic vegetables and fruits, organic rice, organic grains, organic raw materials and semi-finished products, organic meat, milk, seafood products, organic convenience food, organic frozen food, organic children's food, organic health food and cooked food. Food, vegetables, tea, horticultural plants, medicinal plants, oil, fiber plants, sugar, agricultural products, forest products, aquatic products, bamboo products, livestock and poultry products, fresh and dried fruits, dried vegetables, seasonings and all kinds of processed foods; grain and oil processing, rice noodle processing, oil processing, fruit and vegetable preservation, meat processing, agricultural products, etc. Freezing, refrigeration, preservation, storage, dairy industrialization, peak honey processing, etc.
Exhibition area of specialty handicraft in the old area: ceramics, bamboo and willow weaving, prickly rust, dry seafood, traditional Chinese medicine, mountain products, tea, handicraft, textiles, crystal products, jade antiques, mahogany furniture, lacquerware, fur products, etc.
Health Beverage Exhibition area: organic tea, fruit juice and beverage, organic coffee, organic red wine, beer, wine, fruit wine, liquor, yellow wine, all kinds of organic milk powder, dairy products and soymilk products, plant extracts, etc.
Buyer classification
1. State government organs, enterprises and institutions, the Logistics Department of the General Administration of Sports, consulates of various countries in Shanghai and organizations of enterprises and units at home and abroad, purchasers in China, import and export trading companies, large domestic enterprises, organic green food production and processing bases, as well as professional buyers of trade associations and media cooperation organizations.
2. Major Chinese and foreign health care institutions, international schools, e-commerce online shopping, organic food supply center, organic food exhibition and marketing center, agents, dealers, traders, etc.
3. Ministry of Commerce Thousand Village Department Store Program, Supermarket Hualian, Mei Lianmei, Century Lianhua, Hao You Duo, Auchan, Bumblebee Lotus, Austrian Square Circle, Huatang, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, Wumei, Easy to buy, Yonghui, Jingkelong, Metro, Cathay Pacific, Liqun, Huapu, Global Merchandise Exchange and other e Platforms Bao, Tianmao, Jingdong, Amazon, No. 1 Store, and organic food stores, chain stores, operating counters, gift shops, community supermarket chains and convenience stores, etc.
4. Star hotels, business clubs, bars, entertainment venues, Western restaurants, major travel agencies, clubs, resorts, such as important group-buying units.
Selection of outstanding product awards of the first China rural area Expo
In order to enhance the image of enterprises and the popularity of products, create brands, and expand the market reputation and reputation of customers, the Organizing Committee set up the award evaluation activities of the first old district agricultural exposition. All the customers who participated in the first old district agricultural exposition could participate in the awards. The awards were set up as "the gold medal of the first old district agricultural exposition" and "the top ten products of the first old district agricultural exposition". "Brand" award, "Designated products, recommended products of the first old district agricultural exposition" and so on. (Details of the award scheme please ask the Organizing Committee for.
The first China old farm fair was named and sponsored.
In order to show the strength of the company, set up the image of the enterprise, create brand awareness and reputation, this Expo has set up a list of crown and platinum sponsors, two gold sponsors, co-sponsors, a number of interested enterprises please ask the Organizing Committee for relevant titles and sponsorship programs and return regulations.
Organizing committee contact
The Organizing Committee of the First China (Old District) Agricultural Exposition, Shanghai Old District Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.