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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

Number watermelon" listed

On April 20th, the trading center came with a group of mysterious “numbered watermelons”.
On April 20th, the trading center came with a group of mysterious “numbered watermelons”. The reason why they are mysterious is that each watermelon is engraved with three Arabic numerals, which represent a special meaning.
According to the melon farmers of the Liujiazhuang Pollution-free Watermelon Planting Association (Civil Organization) in Jimo City, the association has numbered all the watermelons in the watermelon planting area, such as “83 5”, representing the “83” greenhouse “5” on March 5th. After the 45-day growth period, it can be listed and traded. The corresponding planting details can be traced, and the traceability of watermelon quality and safety is fully realized. The number on the watermelon is artificially carved when the watermelon is just formed. Watermelon grows bigger and bigger, with anti-counterfeiting and traceability.
After the market inspection, the batch of watermelons has the certificate of origin and the certificate of inspection. The results of the laboratory pesticide residue sampling test also meet the requirements, and the general public can purchase with confidence.