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The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products

trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.

The most influential agricultural and sideline products trading base in North China

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Since the trading center was opened, Oriental Dingxin focuses on the building of accelerating the farm product circulating system, improves services gradually, gives profit to client and customers, expand
investment and stablize market. At present, there are 200 long-stay companies, more than seasonal short-stay companies, 120 fruit categories and more than 300 fruit kinds. Until Dec. 31th, 2016,
according to the latest statistics from the trading center, the yearly marketing trading amount has reached 1, 654, 400 tons, yearly finished trading amount has reached 11, 581, 000,000RMB, average daily
trading amount has reached 4.5326 tons and average daily trading amount has reached 31, 728, 800RMB.
Yearly trading amount of imported fruits has reached 3,860,000,000RMB.
Settled Brands Until now, " DOLE(China)” Jianong, Nanjing Lvhai, Shenyang Qu, Hongjiu Fruit, Lantao International, Shanghai Weijiaqi, Shanghai Shunguo, Shanghai Mirong, Yantai Chengguo, Qingdao
local brand Xiangji Fruit and so on.



Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center devotes to"Building Green Wholesale Market, Developing Green Circulation Channel". Its trade expands north to 3
provinces in the northeast of China and inner Mongolia, south to Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi Fujian, Yunnan, Hainan, west to Shanxi, Shanxi, Sichuan, Ningxia and Xinjiang. We have built long
and stable relationships with domestic fruit origins and close relationship with local Farm Cooperations. Exported fruits come from Thailand, Philipine, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, America, Ecuador, Chile, Taiwan and so on, including Pitaya fruit, durian, longan, banana, mangosteen, apple, cherries,blueberry, avacado, orange, pineapple, kiwi, red grape, custard apple, pomegranate, pear, Kirin fruit
and so on, all of which have been guaranteed by the Insepection & Quarantine.
Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center provides products for all the supermarkets and markets in Shandong area. It also provides products for the surrounding provinces, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning etc.
Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center is intended to be the Fruit Kingdom with largest area and comprehensive types. It has 100 categories, more than 300 kinds
of fruit from all over the world and it will be the most advanced and active export and import fruit circulation trading center.




As the leader in fresh fruit industry, Qingdao Oriental Dingxin invested more than 50, 000, 000RMB to build DWT professional fruit cold storage, which is divided by products and seasons. It has become the specified market by "Food Safety Project of Qingdao.
When the cold storage is built, the constant temperature warehouse with a capacity of 10000 tons and 23 sets of banana warehouse and mango constant temperature warehouse will be used, which will be used, maintained and managed by professional staffs to keep the fruit fresh to the largest scale.





Qingdao Oriental Dinin Inernational Farm and sideline Products Trading Center is using the 1. 53 megawatt photovo taic project, where large area of PV Panel is installed on the roof of the trading stalls. The PV Panel can generate electricity automatically. It is intended to be the leader in Environmental Protection.







Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Tradin Center installs All-direction CCTV Monistoring system and more than 300high-efinition cameras, which can cover the whole area of the center and guarantee the security of the trading center.
Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center has All-direction CCTV Monistoring system to guarantee the security of both clients and procducts. There are tens of different patroling cars and professional security guards, which can provide 24-hour security service for clients to secure all the trades and business.







The development strategy of Qingdao Oriental Dingxin international Farm and sideline Products Trading Center is “Based in shandong,Serve for Qingdao,Build Domestic and international farm product market”and the Management policy is “Emphasize quality management,focus on credit trading,reach for advanced service and establish brand market”.

Qingdao Oriental Dingxin international Farm and sideline Products Trading Center has multi-function matching facilities.including Telecom Building,New United Cold Storage,Bank,office building,business hotel,restaurant,convenient market,professional fire engines and powerful logistic loading and unloading etc.It is now planning to build”Farm and sideline product electric business platform”,computerized trading management method.daily publishment of price,in order to provide fast service for trading.
The Trading Center can provide multi-service including F&B,accommodation,supermarket,farming trade,office,logistics,fire protection,quarantine inspection and security.
● Quality inspection center and inspecting equipment can secure the Fruit Center for citizens.
● Monitoring center with 24-hour electric monitoring can guarantee the security of clients and products.
● Waste processing center can deal with the decayed fruits and waste.
● Build Electric Business platform based on electric-development market and the drive the development of the merge of online and offline market,accelerate the forming of farm product wholesale center market and international high-quality farm product dispatching platform;Push the method innovation,management innovation and policy innovation of farm products by the way of internet,which will form a firm base for the development of the trading center.